For over 20 years, New Renaissance has refined the process of designing and building unique and extraordinary homes. We efficiently execute all phases of every project. New Renaissance designs the space and manages all aspects of the construction allowing for ultimate flexibility and control over the end product. What is removed during the demo phase, New Renaissance often reclaims to adaptively reuse or reinvent, often in the same project. We re-mill rough lumber for cabinetry and flooring. We restore vintage tin ceilings, plumbing and lighting fixtures, doors and hardware for a new life in a modern space. New Renaissance salvages bricks and glass blocks. Our expert craftsmen evaluate all salvaged materials and creatively utilize each in a new form, ranging from a new surface in a remodeled space to new furniture or cabinetry.
REclaim. REstore. REinvent.
For more than 20 years, New Renaissance has been transforming outdated spaces into modern-day marvels. We completely renovate residential houses; we construct custom homes; we craft custom furniture and cabinetry. New Renaissance offers a complete product from the initial vision to the detailed design to the construction of your ready to live in home. Our trademark is our proven ability to seamlessly integrate vintage and reclaimed materials with modern fixtures and design. Through this signature combination of recycled materials with state-of-the-art furnishings, New Renaissance achieves old-world ambiance with new world convenience and technology.

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